Associate, Philanthropy

Dallas, Texas, United States Full-time

We may be a small team, but we don’t have small jobs. Every position on the Strategic Philanthropy Team is important, and that’s doubly true for this role.

The Associate will have a unique level of exposure to the work of the organization and to the broader Dallas County educational community with the primary responsibility of completely and compellingly translating this work and impact into accurate and customized fundraising narratives that compel national and local funders to invest in the Commit Partnership in addition to developing/implementing processes to increase efficiency.

We won’t sugar coat it – this is a fast-paced job with lots of deadlines and we expect excellence and passion from our teammate. As a guru of all things money matters and operations, you’re the glue that helps keep us together. For us that means you will:

  • Collaborate with a variety of stakeholders for the purpose of securing funding to maintain and enhance services and/or programs.
    • Coordinate all grant processes (e.g. evaluations, budget, finance, reports, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the funder guidelines.
    • Develop forms, processes, procedures, and policies for the purpose of implementing a consistent grant application methodology. Develop grant applications and related documents (e.g. required reports, budgets, specific inquiries, etc.) for the purpose of submitting to the appropriate funder.
    • Evaluate degree of match between listed grant priority area and system needs for the purpose of matching needs with funding sources.
    • Participate in meetings, workshops and seminars for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.
    • Research grant opportunities for the purpose of developing additional funding resources for both current and proposed initiatives as well as serving as a clearinghouse for potential grant funding opportunities.
    • Manage a portfolio of investors through the entire donor cycle: prospecting, cultivating, asking, and stewarding.

What Commit Is Looking For

While Commit has certain credential requirements, we are primarily looking for the potential to be a connector and strategic partner for our investors. Commit is seeking someone special and that means:

Type A Personality: Friends joke that they can’t move even a pencil out of place on your desk without your noticing. Your keen attention to detail spots an error in a magazine article, and you can absolutely tell when someone switches fonts in the middle of a document.

A TEDTalker: You take complex topics and distill them to their essential parts and you have . English majors take note! We want someone who can write the novel and the CliffsNotes ®.

Results Oriented: You are more than a problem solver—you are a problem solver on steroids with a healthy dose of relationship charm under your belt. When given a goal and the bar for success, you outline multiple ways to ring the bell and you marshal all necessary resources to get the job done.

System Refiner: You are constantly seeking solutions to improve processes, systems, and efficiency of work. Wasted time and bogged down processes drive you crazy. Finding ways to make your work and the work of your teammates easier and quicker gives you joy.

Equity-Focused: The students we ultimately serve come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. You have a deep belief in the potential of all students (every child, every day, no excuses) and a commitment to do whatever it takes to expand opportunities for students, often with a perspective informed by experience in low-income communities and an understanding of the systemic challenges of poverty and racism.

Required Education/Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in English, Communication, Journalism, Marketing or other related field OR four (4) years of relevant experience.


Position post duration: Until position is filled

Interested internal applicants should discuss your interest in applying for this position with your manager.

To apply:

Interested candidates should apply via our Commit Recruiterbox platform.

Those finding this posting on an external site should apply at


About The Commit Partnership:

Founded in 2012, The Commit Partnership (“Commit” or “The Partnership”) has become the largest educational community-based collective impact organization in the U.S. as measured by either staff, by budget, or by total students supported (790,000+ ages 0 through 22). Encompassing 200+ partners across Dallas County, including almost every public school district, higher education entity and large foundation in the region, The Partnership also encompasses numerous independent private schools and public charter networks, businesses and educational non-profits. The Partnership’s overriding vision is relatively simple and straightforward: our community, working together, to ensure that all students receive an excellent and equitable education.

Over 100 different local, regional and national investors have supported the backbone to date. They include major foundations, high net worth philanthropists, and corporate partners, all of whom believe that investing in a dedicated backbone organization, armed with powerful data and the power to continually convene and align stakeholders, will lead to meaningful systems change as public and philanthropic funding streams align strategically behind what is needed to grow the number of students with a postsecondary degree or technical certificate.

While The Partnership’s current geographic scope is Dallas County, its early success has led to its recent agreement to support similar burgeoning efforts in Ft. Worth/Tarrant County (350,000 K-12 students) and Houston/Harris County (~900,000 K-12 students). Collectively, these three regions educate 1 in 3 children in Texas and roughly 4% of the nation’s K-12 population. When aligned in the future by common data and goals, these regions could prove a powerful force behind aligned advocacy to alter state public funding streams and key policies benefiting students.